Mission Statement

To improve safety through outreach and education for the mutual benefit of the public and Missouri gas operators.


MANGO strives for a collaborative, innovative, safety-minded culture. We believe that by sharing ideas and supporting one another we can improve the safety of our Missouri natural gas system.

The spring 2023 MANGO General Meeting

The spring 2023 MANGO General Meeting is scheduled for March 29, 2023, beginning at 10:00AM in Jefferson City. The meeting will be on the 4th floor in the Ballroom (Room 450) of theGovernor Office Building (GOB). The PSC Staff and MANGO board members look forward toseeing you then. If anyone

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The message below is being sent on behalf of Sonya T. Proctor, Assistant Administrator, Surface Operations, Transportation Security Administration and Alan K. Mayberry, Associate Administrator for Pipeline Safety, Pipeline Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration, Department of Transportation. UNCLASSIFIED ATTENTION—PIPELINE STAKEHOLDERS Protests continue across the United States.  At least 40 cities

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2020 MANGO Fall Meeting

MANGO General Fall Meeting has been set for October 20, 2020 at 10 AM in Jefferson City. The meeting will be on the 4th floor in the Ballroom (Room 450) of the Governor Office Building

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All PSC Operator Letters

We have uploaded and updated all PCS Operator Letters dated from 2008 to current year. If we are missing an All PCS Operator Letter please contact us and we will get this updated.

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MANGO 1 welding procedure update Section F

Mango 1 welding procedures has been updated in the following “Size of Electrode and Number of Beads”. .250 – up wall thickness fill and cover pass electrode size has been changed for 3/16″ electrode to 5/32″.  Welders may increase or decrease welding rod diameter by one size as needed.  This

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Welding list updates

A new List of Operators and the Qaulified Welder List is available for download as of 09/05/2019. To add or update these list please contact a board member by clicking here

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