Dangers of Abnormal Snow and Ice Build-Up on Gas Related Equipment
The accumulation of snow  and ice increases the potential for damage to meters and regulators and other aboveground pipeline facilities and components. Incidents have occurred in past winters on natural gas distribution system facilities that appear to have been related to either the stress of snow and ice or malfunction of pressure control equipment due to ice blockage of pressure control equipment vents. Exposed piping at metering and pressure regulating stations, at service regulators, and at propane tanks, are at greatest risk. Damage may result from the stresses imposed by the additional loading of the snow or ice. Damage to facilities may also result from the impact of snow or ice falling from roofs, ice forming in or on regulators preventing their proper operation, or shoveling snow from roofs to protect dwellings from abnormal snow accumulation.

PHMSA issued an advisory bulletin in 2016, recommending steps to address the safety risks from accumulated snow and ice on pipeline facilities. Staff encourages each operator to download and read the advisory bulletin. If you are unable to access the advisory bulletin at the link below, please notify Staff and we will provide a copy. The advisory bulletin may be downloaded at: Pipeline Safety: Dangers of Abnormal Snow and Ice Build-Up on Gas Distribution Systems